Welcome to Andy's Hope! Andy is a cat that hopes that all animals will be happy. To that end, he created this site to help people help his furry, scaly, feathered, and "otherwised" friends!
Please feel free to check out the Wildlife page for information on helping injured wild animals.
Check out the Web & Print References to Share page for animal-helping material you can share (I give you permission - no need to ask!).
Let me know what you want me to add to this site by filling out the form through the Contact Andy link.
Artists for Social Change, a 501(c)(3) company (ASC) is the organization that feeds me, cleans me, and plays with me so that I am healthy and able to create and update this website. Please note that ASC is volunteer-based and no donations are requested by ASC or me for this site! My payment is in cat rubs and knowing that you care. Thank you and enjoy the site!​​​​​​​
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